At the risk of being a heretic let me make the following suggestions
Tanveer Singh wrote:
I use GIMP for image manipulation.
though lots of resources are availalbe for photoshop, gimp docs are hard to come by(from a photography point of view).
Can somebody link me to a good online guide.
I am looking for things like
1. Working with levels and curves, not just how to, but the technique too
It's been my experience that the gimp tutorials are helpful, but no where near as complete as whats out there for Photoshop. That being said, if you understand the techniques in photoshop, it's not to difficult to map those to the gimp controls to do the same things.
2. Bulk watermarking, resizing
ImageMagik is your friend here
3. Using RAW under windows
ufraw as a plugin to gimp (install gimp first, then ufraw) works really nicely. At least as well as some of the commercial raw processors out there. You might want to check out "noise ninja" too.
4. Psuedo HDR by superimposing 2-3 images
I seem to remember that the gimp tutorials cover this as will most PS books. Here's the problem. GIMP is only 8 bits of dynamic range per color channel. Better digicams are 12 bits or better in their raw format. Your display screen can handle that dynamic range, but last I looked, your printer probably won't. So basically, what you're really doing is compressing a much wider dynamic range into a smaller one. Sometimes it looks right, and sometimes it doesn't. I think it's most useful for pulling up shadow detail where you really notice digital noise.

I am a newbie, so I apologize if this has been discussed before. In that case can somebody link me to the old thread?

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