Hello.  Some time ago, the Gimp stopped responding to my mouse in the image
window.  In other windows and on menus the mouse works fine (ie I can  
brushes and such and use the interface without problems), but in the image
window (or more precicely, the canvas area) it's as if the mouse doesn't  
exist.  All kinds of clicks are ignored, the rulers doesn't show the  
of the cursor, and the position in the lower left also isn't updated (it is
set once upon entering the window, but after that it's dead).  My tablet
still works fine, but not being able to use the mouse for anything is
somewhat annoying.

This originally happened out of the blue one day while using Gimp 2.2.11
(I unfortunately have no idea what caused this to happen).  I tried  
to 2.2.12 and then 2.3.13, without success.  I also deleted the ~/.gimp*
directory in the hope that regenerating the config would fix the problem,  
no.  No matter what I do, I can't make the Gimp recognize the mouse in the
image window.  The mouse isn't anything special, and it used to work with  
exact same X config I've got now.  I haven't changed the xorg.conf file in
several months.  The Gimp is the only application with this problem.

This is on a dual-core amd64 processor in 64-bit mode (haven't tried  
Linux kernel 2.6.18, Xorg 7.1.

Does anyone know what might be causing this, and how to fix it ?

~ Gerry
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