Adam wrote:
> Like in the following, which the Procedure Browser 
> says should be; 
> num_images INT32  The number of Images open
> image_ids  INT32ARRAY  The list of images currently open
> => (gimp-image-list)
> (1 #(2)#1"02")
> so,   #(2)#1"02"    
> is a single entry array of the image ID ? 
> How should I interpret this sequence ? 
Start by ignoring everything between the two close parentheses. There 
appears to be a bug in the output from the 2.2 version of GIMP. Using 
the current development version of GIMP I opened two files and asked for 
the image list. The result was
(2 #( 2 1 ))

The easy way to get the image ID when you need it as an argument for a 
command you want to run from the console mode is to look at the title 
bar of the image windows. Regardless of the file name, the filename (or 
the word 'Untitled' if it is a new image) shown in the title bar has 
text of the form "-x.y" at the end. The x part is the number that would 
be used as the image ID for that image.

> So I try another command; 
> => (gimp-image-height image)
> ERROR: unbound variable (errobj image)
You need to use the actual image ID (ie. number) in the call or define 
image and set it to the desired number before you attempt to use it in a 
call to a GIMP function.



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