Am using Gimp on Linux, and can run scripts from 
./gimp-2.2/scripts     but using the script-FU Console  
and its Procedure Browser  I have trouble with. 

I'm assumimg operations within the Console are 
interactive with the currently loaded image(s) 
or xcf. 

Simple commands work, using 'Apply' from the 
Procedure Browser screen, like; 

=> (gimp-version)

>From there on, I have difficulty understanding the 
Return Values, and the requirements for the 
function parameters suchs as; CHANNELS, 

Like in the following, which the Procedure Browser 
says should be; 
num_images INT32  The number of Images open
image_ids  INT32ARRAY  The list of images currently open

=> (gimp-image-list)
(1 #(2)#1"02")

so,   #(2)#1"02"    
is a single entry array of the image ID ? 
How should I interpret this sequence ? 

So I try another command; 
=> (gimp-image-height image)
ERROR: unbound variable (errobj image)

=> (gimp-image-height 1)
ERROR: Procedural database execution failed:
    (gimp_image_height 1)

=> (gimp-image-height 2)

So the #(2) part of (gimp-image-list)  can be 
used successfully for the "image" parameter. 
This is not explained in the procedure Browser info. 

OK, so try another command from the Procedure Browser,

=> (gimp-drawable-bpp drawable)
ERROR: unbound variable (errobj drawable)

Now how is "drawable" to be defined ?  

While Scheme and discrete Script-FU scripts are covered 
well in the Gimp-Manual and other documentation,   I 
feel that the operation of the Script-FU Procedure Browser, 
and the function parameters and retrurn Vaklues in particular, 
are a little under-documented. 

If someone could give me an example of using the 
Script-FU Console to work gimp-drawable-set-pixel  
that would be great.  I am presently stumped with an 
explanation of 'drawable'.  

But any help, comments, suggestions or references 
most welcome. 

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