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Michael Satterwhite <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I have an image currently stored / loaded as an "xcf" file. I've flattened 
> the 
> image, so the entire image is a single layer. I click on the "clone" tool, 
> and then move the cursor over the image.
> The pointer shows the clone tool with the forbidden symbol (OK so far). I 
> pick 
> the area I want to use as a source, then press the CTRL key. The pointer 
> doesn't change. If I click while holding down the CTRL key, the pointer 
> changes to a hand, and moving the mouse moves the *WINDOW* on the screen. 
> When I release the mouse button, the pointer goes back to the clone tool with 
> the forbidden symbol.
> I can't select a source area, so cloning is impossible.
> Why?

1. Click on the Clone tool
2. Move to the source area
3. Press Ctrl
4. Left click
5. Release Ctrl and Left click button
6. move to target area, start cloning

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