Thanks for that Saul - yep that really means that it's
only gonna be a minor change for what I want :)
The Shift-Click (not Ctrl-Shift-Click) make both parallel
but also changes the length of the second one to match the
selected one.
That might even be the same as PS or Inkscape (but I can't
remember and have only used them once or twice)
So I guess some other X-Shift-Click could mean to keep the
length of the second one the value it already is and only
adjust the length of the clicked one as you move it around.
(Ctrl-Shift-Click means delete)
Maybe even Shift-RightClick ...
Anyway, if I get time some time (in the future ...), I
might try to find the code and hopefully it shouldn't be
too hard to add that extra option myself since all the
code really should be there already anyway - yay :)
-Thanks again!

On Sun, 2007-01-21 at 01:17 -0800, Saul Goode wrote:
> I don't know if the feature is available in version 2.2, but the
> development version (2.3) is currently able to "lock" the control points
> in a manner similar to what you describe by holding down the CTRL and
> SHIFT keys while moving either of the controls in the Edit Mode.
> > I would like at least one particular option that is
> > available in both Inkscape and PS: to be able to 'lock'
> > the control points of a single point such that the line
> > joining the two control points intersects the point
> > itself (i.e. the two control lines are parallel)
> > 
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