> The Shift-Click (not Ctrl-Shift-Click) make both parallel
> but also changes the length of the second one to match the
> selected one.
> That might even be the same as PS or Inkscape (but I can't
> remember and have only used them once or twice)
> So I guess some other X-Shift-Click could mean to keep the
> length of the second one the value it already is and only
> adjust the length of the clicked one as you move it around.
> (Ctrl-Shift-Click means delete)
> Maybe even Shift-RightClick ...

Ah, I missed that this already got answered.
Shift-RightClick is not an option, since the right click is reserved for
the menu (and canceling editing actions) and is not available in the
relevant tool infrastructure.

CTRL switches to the Edit mode, and in Edit-Mode SHIFT makes the tool
delete stuff. Hence CTRL-SHIFT-click on an handle "removes" the handle
(by moving it back to the anchor).

When I tried to figure out which shortcuts to assign to the various
editing options I tried hard to make them consistent, so that one has a
chance to remember what is doing what. So without looking at the whole,
I am hesitant to discuss "there is a shortcut missing for this function,
lets see, which one is still available", because the output would be
purely randomly assigned shortcuts, which are impossible to explain.

So for now, I don't see how to integrate the "smooth" editing mode with
a sane keyboard shortcut. The code to determine which restriction is
active is in app/tools/gimpvectortool.c (search for "restriction"), the
code that actually moves the handles around is in
app/vectors/gimpbezierstroke.c (function
gimp_bezier_stroke_anchor_move_relative() )

> Anyway, if I get time some time (in the future ...), I
> might try to find the code and hopefully it shouldn't be
> too hard to add that extra option myself since all the
> code really should be there already anyway - yay :)

The main problem is how to present this to the user. I'd welcome
proposals, but rest assured that I'll probe for weak spots  :)

I hope that we somewhen can do a usability study on the path tool.


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