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> * A <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [01-23-07 20:31]:
>  [...]
> > and thus it most likely IS a FF or Linux issue.
> >
> > i.e. the people not seeing it correctly must have
> >
> > either: a) a setting "issue" in FF or Linux (display)
> >
> > or: b) using a version of FF or Linux (display driver)
> >        with that "issue"
> more likely, they have configured FF or their X display incorrectly,
> probably FF.

I'm suspecting my X server or questionable nVidia driver or my new
monitor is responsible...anyway, it seems not a gimp issue, but I
figured I'd ask anyway.

Just to make sure I'm saving the image correctly, this is my process:

1 layer: with text
1 background (alpha channel removed): color: #99cc00;
When I save as .png, I check the "save gamma", UNcheck "save
background-color", and check the last item: "dither transparency from

Can someone please confirm that these are the correct steps moving
forward with transparent PNG?

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