GIF can only use one color for transparencies. That means partly transparent 
parts of your picture will be changed to 100% opaque or 100% transparent. You 
have to use a PNG to get the effect you want, and IE 6 won't display it 
correctly. This is a problem with IE, not with what you are doing. On the 
bodaestilo page, there is transparency in front of the chairs with Firefox, 
but not with IE 6.

There are other ways to get that effect with IE 6 and below. There are some 
kludgy ways to use Javascript (I don't remember what--do a search), or you 
can just use one, flattened image that has the transparencies built in. If 
you will only have one or two backgrounds to work with, it's not that bad. 
The solution I like is to make something that is legible in IE, and looks 
right with a real browser.


On Wednesday 24 January 2007 12:01 pm, Alex Moreno wrote:
> Good afternoon everybody,
> im trying to export this image from png to gif because of the IE problems:
> to get the effect that you can see on of transparent
> shadow bellow the text.
> The question is that when i try to export to gif the transparency
> dissepears. I´ve been trying different things with no luck. Can anyone help
> me please?
> --
> Alejandro Moreno
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