I can't print any picture with Gimp 2.2.13 (Gimp-Print Version 4.2). My
Distri is openSuse 10.2 and the normal installation of my Printer (Epson
Stylus Photo RX500) with yast works fine. Other programms can print, only
gimp don't work. Where is the problem? I also bought the printer driver from
TurboPrint but also the setup tip from this don't work. See here -> Setup of
TurboPrint and Gimp<http://www.turboprint.info/manual/turboprint-7.html#ss7.2>
When I make a new printer it appears in the field "Printer-Name" with a Star
(*). I input the name e. g. fotoprinter then the name will be shown as
BTW: Of course I have german Version of openSuse.

Thank you

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