Mega Sunny wrote:

> I can't print any picture with Gimp 2.2.13 (Gimp-Print Version 4.2). 
> My Distri is openSuse 10.2 and the normal installation of my Printer 
> (Epson Stylus Photo RX500) with yast works fine. Other programms can 
> print, only gimp don't work. Where is the problem? I also bought the 
> printer driver from TurboPrint but also the setup tip from this don't 
> work. See here -> Setup of TurboPrint and Gimp 
> <>.
> When I make a new printer it appears in the field "Printer-Name" with 
> a Star (*). I input the name e. g. fotoprinter then the name will be 
> shown as *fotoprinter.
> BTW: Of course I have german Version of openSuse.
> Thank you
> Michael
I suggest you get hold of the latest version (5.0.0) of gutenprint 
(alias gimp-print) from sourceforge - your printer is listed as one of 
those supported - rather than persist with turboprint.

A couple of printers I had problems with, using turboprint, work quite 
smoothly with gutenprint 5.0.0.
(Using Mandriva 10.2)



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