after reading through a number of old posts to the devel-list,
I subscribed to this list again (after some time of absence),
because I'm not a programmer/developer, but a user.

With the advent of new bitmap editors like CinePaint (ok,
basically not for stills, but for 35mm film), Krita or
Pixel, which are available for Linux (I am working under Ubuntu
"Breezy" at the moment, and am about upgrading to "Edgy"
sometime next month), I'm asking myself what the current state
of the development of 16-bit support & color management for the
Gimp is. (All of the above mentioned programs do include those
features, as does Photoshop. I don't want the Gimp to become a
second Photoshop, since the interface basically has a different
approach, but I guess that, after so-and-so  many years of delay,
it's important to finally include those features. Otherwise I am
foreseeing a major shift particularly of pro users to other

Last year I read in a preview of Gimp 2.4 that 16-bit/channel is
supposed to be included in v 2.4. My questions: a) Is this correct,
and b) Are there any rough 'directions' for Gimp development?

I'm hoping that this isn't off-topic for the 'users' list, but as
I said, I'm just a user (so far) with little experience in
programming, so it made no sense to me to subscribe to the devel


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