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> I am using GIMP to process some videos as it allows an easy way to
> measure pixels and ratios.  The problem is there are times when I have
> to process the image using tools like Layer > Colours > Curves as one
> example.
> Now the issue is how do I repeat this move over all the layers or over a
> select range of layers automatically?  Do I have to write a script to do
> this or is there a built in tool?  The number of layers to be processed
> can go up to 1000 so doing it manually can be a real pain.

I would recommend that you install the GIMP Animation Package (if you  
haven't already done so). This will add commands (under a new "Video"  
menu) which will permit you to what you describe plus much more.

One of the commands added is "Filter All Layers" but this has the  
disadvantage of not being able to choose a subset of layers to filter.  
I would recommend doing the following:

1) Choose a representative layer of your "video", open up the 'Curves'  
dialog, and adjust the settings to taste. Save your settings to a file  
and then CANCEL out of the dialog. I would recommend saving your  
settings in your home directory , for reasons I will specify later.

2) Perform a "Split Image to Frames". This will convert you multilayer  
image into separate images of one layer (you should be in RGB Mode and  
have Unoptimized your multi-layer image)

3) Perform a "Frames Modify" and select "Apply Filter On Layers" using  
the Function drop-down widget. (If necessary, change the "From frame"  
and "To frame" range.) Press OK.

4) A new dialog will appear which will let you choose your filter. You  
should select a function called "plugin-wr-curves", found near the  
bottom of the list. Click on the "Apply Constant".

5) A file dialog will appear in which you should enter the filename of  
your saved settings. This dialog does not show hidden directories  
(which is why I recommended saving your file in ~).

6) You will be presented with a preview and prompted whether to  
continue before the operation continues.

7) If necessary, use "Frames to Image" to convert the separate images  
back to a multi-layered image.

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