> Quoting Robin Laing <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> I am using GIMP to process some videos as it allows an easy way to
>> measure pixels and ratios.  The problem is there are times when I have
>> to process the image using tools like Layer > Colours > Curves as one
>> example.
>> Now the issue is how do I repeat this move over all the layers or over a
>> select range of layers automatically?  Do I have to write a script to do
>> this or is there a built in tool?  The number of layers to be processed
>> can go up to 1000 so doing it manually can be a real pain.
> I would recommend that you install the GIMP Animation Package (if you  
> haven't already done so). This will add commands (under a new "Video"  
> menu) which will permit you to what you describe plus much more.
> One of the commands added is "Filter All Layers" but this has the  
> disadvantage of not being able to choose a subset of layers to filter.  
> I would recommend doing the following:
> 1) Choose a representative layer of your "video", open up the 'Curves'  
> dialog, and adjust the settings to taste. Save your settings to a file  
> and then CANCEL out of the dialog. I would recommend saving your  
> settings in your home directory , for reasons I will specify later.
> 2) Perform a "Split Image to Frames". This will convert you multilayer  
> image into separate images of one layer (you should be in RGB Mode and  
> have Unoptimized your multi-layer image)
> 3) Perform a "Frames Modify" and select "Apply Filter On Layers" using  
> the Function drop-down widget. (If necessary, change the "From frame"  
> and "To frame" range.) Press OK.
> 4) A new dialog will appear which will let you choose your filter. You  
> should select a function called "plugin-wr-curves", found near the  
> bottom of the list. Click on the "Apply Constant".
> 5) A file dialog will appear in which you should enter the filename of  
> your saved settings. This dialog does not show hidden directories  
> (which is why I recommended saving your file in ~).
> 6) You will be presented with a preview and prompted whether to  
> continue before the operation continues.
> 7) If necessary, use "Frames to Image" to convert the separate images  
> back to a multi-layered image.

Thank you for the in depth reply.

I am just getting caught up with mail after being away.

As this is a clean install of FC6, I searched for an rpm with no luck. 
The I downloaded the source and found out that my machine didn't have 
any gcc or other tools.  Great.

I will get it up and running and try your instructions.

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Robin Laing
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