Bettina Lechner ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> when it finally comes to the 2.4 release will gimp suddenly be available
> for mac and windows aswell? or will there be a timegap between the release
> of 2.4 for linux and "the rest" (other platforms)? and if yes: how long
> will the compilation (is this the right word for it?) for the other
> platforms take?

The gimp team usually just releases source packages of the gimp. Since
we do not have different versions of the source for the different
platforms technically the 2.4 release is available immediately for all

However, this requires that you build gimp yourself. If you depend on
pre-built binaries it might take a while until somebody provides a
package. For the different Linux distributions a lot depends on the
philosophy behind the packaging, but I expect Gimp to show up quickly in
the different distributions. For windows it probably won't take that
much time, although this depends on the amount of time available to its

For Macs I am unsure if there is a maintainer testing the current code
and providing ready made packages. It probably will take a bit longer
until someone can provide a package.

So, the answer is "it depends" and the exact timeframes are unclear.

I hope this helps,

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