On Thursday 12 April 2007 11:28, Andrew wrote:
> Hi. I have just started using gimp, and mosly I am getting on ok with
> help files and google. However, one thing is driving me nuts. If I want
> to add a bit to a picture, I make it bigger, using Image Canvas Size,
> and then paste in the bit I want to add. It shows up when I paste it, in
> the middle, but when I drag it to the place I want to use it, in the new
> bit, it dissapears!? Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Please
> enlighten me!
> Andrew

If your image is only a single layer then after changing the canvas size,  
flatten the image before pasting in a new selection.
I'm not sure of this but based on the behaviour it seems as if the canvas 
resize operation adds an alpha channel and sets the new border area around 
the old image to transparent.
Flattening the image will remove the alpha channel.

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