Paul Surgeon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> If your image is only a single layer then after changing the canvas size,  
> flatten the image before pasting in a new selection.
> I'm not sure of this but based on the behaviour it seems as if the canvas 
> resize operation adds an alpha channel and sets the new border area around 
> the old image to transparent.
> Flattening the image will remove the alpha channel.

The whole issue here is that increasing the canvas size doesn't make
the background layer bigger.  There are a couple of ways to work
around that:

- after increasing the canvas size right-click on the background layer
  and choose "Layer to Image Size"

- after pasting the selection it will show up as "Floating Selection"
  in the Layers window.  Right-click on it and select "New Layer".
  This makes the inserted bit a new layer that you can move around
  freely on the canvas.  It has the advantage that you can always
  manipulate independently from the rest of the image.


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