Dear Gimp Mailinglist,

just installed Gimp some days ago when reading a nice article on the gentoo 
wiki about how i can easily create nice desktop backgrounds.

Worked fine, i did some nice backgrounds using different filters etc.
Now i wanted to create a much more bigger image to get in on a nice poster.

When i apply the nature/flame filter, it takes gimp only seconds to finish, but 
when it does, i dont see any flame...
I'll try the same steps which a much more smaller image again, and it works, 
gimp takes way longer to get finished and the flame is there.

Strange thing is i dont get any error messages, it just doesnt work, and the 
status bar which indicates the "% done" of the current job is starting at ~50%.

Seems it does have something todo with the size of the image - but i got 2 GB 
Ram, and have set the maximum tile size to 1gb.

Any Ideas what i might be doing wrong or where i i have to set some special 
config options?

Regards, Moritz
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