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> 5669x3969pixels, 72dpi. (200x140 cm)
> Then i add the flame filter... and nothing with resolutions that high.
> Works fine in the same Session when using the flame filter on e.g. a
> 640x480pixel image, and it seems to have something todo with my ram,
> because there is no fixed "size-limit" where it stops working, it
> seems to depend on how many programms i've running and how much ram
> gimp can use.

It's not really how much memory GIMP can use, the problem is that the
Flame plug-in allocates an insane amount of memory. That's a problem in
the plug-in, but it's unlikely that we can fix it. Looks like the
plug-in simply doesn't work with large images.

There's a standalone version of the plug-in. Perhaps you could try if
that handles large images better.


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