This isn't really a Gimp question, I don't think, but I hope it's 
appropriate here.

I just bought a point-and-shoot, and unlike my dSLR, it doesn't have 
gravity switch to keep track of the orientation of the photo.  My old 
workflow was to run all the pictures through jhead after they came out 
of the camera and that lined everything up.  Now I have to look at each 
picture  individually and decide to rotate it or not.

Gthumb almost gives me a nice way to do this, presenting me with  a 
page  of thumbnails that I can select from, and then rotate the selected 
ones all at once.  Trouble is, you then have to go through and 
individually save each image to get it to "take".  Does anyone know of a 
tool that that will make this as painless as possible?



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