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> Hello!
> I am currently using the GIMP on an Apple computer, more specifically
> a Powerbook G4. I runs quite well, but I feel like  it's a little
> slow. One of these days, I tryed to run it with Ubuntu Linux, in the
> same machine, and it seemed to run a lot faster. And I wonder now if
> there could be another GIMP version or build for Mac that would be
> more optimized for this platform. Does anyone know about any?

To tell you about "other" builds, you should have told us where you  
got your GIMP version from?
There are a couple of prebuild packages for OS X out there - e.g.  
GIMP.app at
http://gimp-app.sf.net . The most optimized solution however might be  
to build GIMP on your own
machine. To do so I'd recommend you have a look to darwinports at  

> I know that there is a GIMP-related project named Seashore. It has a
> clean interface, but it is meanless to me, as it lacks most of the
> features I like to use...

Seashore has nothing to do with GIMP, except that some of the basic  
technologies that where developed for GIMP were used for a new  
application. Concerning features is Seashore much closer to Paint  
than to The GIMP.

> One other question... Is there a completely universal Mac version?
> Some weeks ago, I tryed to run the GIMP in a MacBook Pro (Intel C2D)
> and there were no Filters, and the cursor had a funny aspect.... Does
> anyone here use the GIMP under MacOS X in the new Intel Macs? Which
> version? And does everything work ok?

GIMP.app (see above) is AFAIK a universal package. Also building GIMP  
on your own machine gets you a i386 binary version. Right in the  
beginning (after Apples surprising switch to the dark side) there  
where indeed some more or less minor problems. Both, the yellow  
colored cursor as well as the missing filters are known phenomenon.  
One can be fixed in the GIMP preferences, and the other was (most  
likely) due to some bug in the GTK libraries and could be worked  
around by special environment variables.

I'm using GIMP at one of the very early MacBook Pros, build it with a  
little help of darwinports and do not have any problems you described  
any more.

Happy GIMPing,


> Thanks!
> Victor Domingos
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