Hi Gimp-user,

I've run across a couple of plug-in's I've wanted to try, but
compiling them was something I didn't want to tackle, until now.
I thought I'd give it a try, at least once :-)


Another one I wanted to try:


I did installed via the very slow YAST the GIMP development library
and gtk needed library. All 2.2.13. I know 2.2.15 is available but
there isn't an rpm for SuSE 10.1, at least that I found. :-)

When I type "make" per the README, it is looking for gimptool.  I saw
on the list some previous reference to gimptool.  I thought by installing
the GIMP development library I'd have it, but indeed, I do not have a
gimptool installed.  I didn't see it at rpmfind either.

What step am I missing?

I've always wonder with Linux, do users have multiple machines
(Virtual maybe? Boot Partitions?), one for development, and one
for production, or do they have development libraries on their
productive machines? We were always told not to mix the two.
HHHmmm, perhaps a topic for another list.

Thank you.


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