* David Gowers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [06-02-07 10:22]:
> Are you saying that because you've actually tried it? There is no
> other easy way to discern whether 'your gimp sees the plug-in to start
> with'.

No, no need.  It doesn't appear in Filters -> Enhance as it should and
does not appear in the plug-in browser or tree.  If I cannot start or
initiate the plug-in some how, there will be no error message printer
on the console.

> That's rather simple then, if so. Most likely it isn't looking at that
> directory at all - have you checked that that folder is pointed to by
> the preferences?

That is what I have in my preferences.

> AFAICS, I'm not sending email in HTML - I certainly agree that email
> is a text function. Nor has it been said to me before that I was
> sending email in HTML.

bounced your original post to your gmail addr, but gmail may not show
it since it is from you, but if it doesn't appear, you may view it at:

> Is this message any different in this regard?

yes, no html   :^)

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