Hi Gimp-user,

This is sort of a hypothetical question... are there any Linux
tools, Gimp or additional, that can do "smart" cropping?

I'm writing a script that will change the height and width and
maintain aspect ratio for NTSC TV (based on info I read at
scantips.com and other, plus personal testing). I change the width to
576, and if the height is then greater than 480, I make it 480. I'm
using Bash and ImageMagick. When I do a ImageMagick "identify
-verbose" there is tons of info he knows, including border info. Now I
don't know what this all means and have to do some reading, but that
got me thinking :-) that perhaps tools can make certain assumptions
about light and dark. All the pictures have white borders. Even if
80% are successful, it would be something. I started using ImageMagick
directly when I needed to batch convert xcf to jpgs so it is something
I know something about and can easily put into a Bash script, and it
comes up a lot while googling.

Thank you.


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