Em 2007/06/06, às 05:49, DJ escreveu:

This is sort of a hypothetical question... are there any Linux
tools, Gimp or additional, that can do "smart" cropping?

VD> If you mean cropping an image by cutting off the white borders, just
VD> try this in GIMP: Image > Autocrop Image.

D'oh! Did I miss that one.

I just tried it on one of the photos and it doesn't do anything.
The image is the same, there is no message in the status bar, and nothing
in the undo.  HHHhhhhm... I went to the online manual, 9.18, and it
seems pretty straight forward. Is there some trick or gotcha about it?

Thank you.

It should work without any tricks, unless the image borders that you want to crop are not pure white. If the borders are not white, they won't be cropped.

Victor Domingos

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