I don't plan to use another email client. I am currently using Apple  
Mail, and it works just fine to me. And this is the only mailing list  
with this "problem". I will use the reply-all, from now on...

Victor Domingos

Em 2007/06/06, às 00:24, Patrick Shanahan escreveu:

> * Victor Domingos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [06-05-07 19:12]:
>> But when I do a replay-all, the author will get two copies of the
>> message, since he/she is both in the To: and the Cc: fields right?
>> (he's in the Cc: among the mailing list subscribers, I mean) I
>> confess I usually don't use the replay-all button because I guess
>> that it would have that effect.
> Get a mail client that has a reply-to-list function.  Maybe even
> answers questions after they are asked, insead of before  :^)
> -- 
> Patrick Shanahan


> Hi,
> Maybe it's an option for you to use Sylpheed. It has a cool feature
> which uses "reply to list" by default when clicking "reply" on a list
> message (identified by list-id header).
> -- 
> Greetings,
> Richard

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