In another topic on this list, the discussion went about the name being
offending and a problem when attracting new users and for the users, the
name could mean that they have a hard time attracting clients. Here in
Sweden, the name is just confusing for most people.

In some irrelevant way, this reminded me of a coworker  who asked someone at
work for a cracked copy of that image processing program that "everyone"
uses! Of course, he wanted Photoshop for some reason. ( Actually, he asked
for PS) Even if he knew that I successfully process about 50 images a busy
week, and that I didn't use PS, he asked a guy standing next to me for that
cracked PS. The punch is, I had already introduced this guy to OSS, and he
knew what tools I use, so he said "You don't need PS, you would be better of
downloading the Gimp!". And I just had to fill in, "and if you need som help
getting started with it, just ask!". He was probably just going to crop
photos anyway...

Some people are avoiding The Gimp, not for the name, but because it's not
PS. They want to use the same tools as the Pro's and if the Pro's jumped of
a bridge, they would to. This was also mentioned in the other topic. Others
are repelled by the user interface of the Gimp. And others are confusing it
with being an equivalent to MsPaint.

The firm I  work at, does no image processing ,  I do it in my own firm
which I run in  my free time.

worth mentioning is, the few clients I have are simply just interested in
the result and does not care about which tools I use. Err, most of them are
running OSS-systems themselves and have come across The Gimp anyway...

/Kim Johansson

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