2007 m. birželis 25 d., pirmadienis 09:44, ying lcs rašė:
> Hi,
> How can I reduce the size of a png using gimp without losing much quality?
> Two ideas I have are:
> 1. reduce the color depth of the image
> 2. increase the compression level of in the png
> Any more ideas? And can you please tell me how can I do #1, #2 in gimp?
> Thank you.

And you can reduce size by 
3. adjusting levels
and/or by 
4. reduceing number of colours used.

By the way none of these ways is lossless. And you could use say jpg for 
smaller size. Or gif.

1. picture>mode>indexed
2. file>save as...><choose where to save to>>Compresion level 1...9
9th level has best compression. You can choose some other options there too.
4. Layer>colors>color decrease (or something like that cause i use Gimp in my 
native language)

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