John R. Culleton ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> On Thursday 26 July 2007, mal content wrote:
> > Is there a tool or method available
> > to safely and reliably modify this text (replace it with
> > other text) from the shell, or some other interface that
> > doesn't require me to open 100 or so files in Gimp*?
> If you are on a Linux or similar platform something along the lines of 
> awk or sed could be  possible approaches.

You would end up with invalid xcf files. Even if you could replace the
text without damaging the file structure your image still would look the
same, since even text layers are stored as pixels. The text you find in
the xcf file is metainformation that would get used if you'd change the
text in the gimp and thus would force gimp to re-render the text layer.

So basically the only tool being able to effectively change the text is
the Gimp itself. And - as Sven mentioned - since we unfortunately do not
have a PDB API for this functionality it is impossible to create a
script to let gimp do this.

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