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> On 26/07/07, John R. Culleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> > Don't know :<( I thought you meant a sentence or two.  Gimp is not the
> > optimum approach for long text passages IMO.  Sounds more like a job
> > for a page layout program or even html. What kind of files are they?
> > Are they intended for online use?
> >
> Well what it basically is, is a CD cover and booklet. The
> cover and booklet conform to an image template so that they
> print the correct size and with correct margins at a given
> DPI.
> The covers are being produced for a range of CDs (the layout
> is the same on each disks but the images are different).
> The first page of every booklet lists credits and other
> information and these now have to be changed en masse as
> the text has been rewritten.
> I suppose I could export the covers to a page layout program
> but that would take a lot of work and would complicate our
> release process quite a bit.
> I'm not averse to the idea of writing a program to make
> these transformations in C, but I'm not aware of the
> existence of a 'libxcf' or equivalent to access the file
> format and I really don't want to have to do my own
> parsing!
> cheers,
> MC

You should check out Swiss File Knife.
It's a sed-like program that works on binaries as well as text.
Just be sure to back up your original data.



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