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> Don't know :<( I thought you meant a sentence or two.  Gimp is not the
> optimum approach for long text passages IMO.  Sounds more like a job
> for a page layout program or even html. What kind of files are they?
> Are they intended for online use?

Well what it basically is, is a CD cover and booklet. The
cover and booklet conform to an image template so that they
print the correct size and with correct margins at a given

The covers are being produced for a range of CDs (the layout
is the same on each disks but the images are different).
The first page of every booklet lists credits and other
information and these now have to be changed en masse as
the text has been rewritten.

I suppose I could export the covers to a page layout program
but that would take a lot of work and would complicate our
release process quite a bit.

I'm not averse to the idea of writing a program to make
these transformations in C, but I'm not aware of the
existence of a 'libxcf' or equivalent to access the file
format and I really don't want to have to do my own

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