This gives me a solid 1 pixel left, right, bottom and an anti-aliased
lower left and right corner.

I probably created 5 more steps than necessary :-).  Is there a better

1. File->New
Specify the required height and width and fill with the color needed
for the border.

2. Select->Rounded Rectangle
Required radius of 10.

3. Select->Invert

4. Edit->Cut
This gets rid of the corners.

5. Select Region by Color
Click the image (see step 1)

6. Select->Shrink by 1

7. Edit->Cut

8. I fix up the top with the pencil and eraser to straighten the sides
and get ride of the top line.

I noticed when I used File->New, Select->All, Edit->Stroke Selection,
and selected the second option "Stroke with a paint tool" and selected
the pencil as the paint tool, that only two sides (top and left) of
the selection would get outlined. The pencil tool was a 1 pixel circle
with no other options set. I expected to see a 1 pixel border on all 4
sides. I zoomed in and looked. If I increased the pixels (ie. 3 px) it
kind of worked. It was clearly not 3 pixels on all sides. It seemed
consistent in not doing all 4 sides with a 1 pixel pencil. I am not
sure if I have something set in GIMP to create this outcome. [GIMP

However, if I selected the first option, "Stroke line", with a width
of 1, solid, and antialiasing not checked, I got the expected 1 pixel
border. In general, I couldn't use this method after a Select->Rounded
Rectangle because I need the corners to be antialiased but not the
sides. With antialising checked, the corners were okay, but it also
changed the color of the 1 pixel border on the left, right and bottom,
so I came up with the above 8 step method ;-)

Thank you.


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