>> Hi gimp-user,
>> How are you creating a single rounded corner, like those used for
>> css boxes with rounded corners.
>> (i.e., http://www.csszengarden.com/063/corner_yelongreen_tr.gif)
>> Or, if you wanted to outline an image's left, bottom, and right, sides
>> and round the lower corners (radius 8), so it would look like a "U"
>> without the tail and a flatter bottom (again for use in CSS
>> background for a round cornered semi-flexible box).
> There is a nice tutorial on GUG (GIMP Users Group) which suggests a method
> (http://gug.sunsite.dk/?page=tutorials). If you wish to have only certain
> corners rounded, I would propose rounding the corners on a duplicate layer
> then erasing the unwanted regions (or use layermasking) to reveal the
> original.
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Here's a script-fu plug-in that uses the technique found at the tutorial link.


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