I previously wrote:

> I'm using a Debian Sid distribution, regularly updated. I have the
> gimp-2.2 Debian package, last modification on 2007-07-13:
> % ls -l =gimp-2.2
> -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 3,0M 2007-07-13 19:26 /usr/bin/gimp-2.2*
> I have also gimp-2.3.19, installed in /usr/local and correctly working,
> but with an interface to gutenprint I cannot manage properly (I would
> like to enlarge a picture automatically to paper size, and it does not
> seem to work).
> When I call gimp-2.2, I get the flash picture of version 2.3, then the
> following messages:

... here the error messages, and gimp-2.2 was not working.

I got the following answer from Brendan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Read the Release Notes for 2.3/2.4.
> http://www.gimp.org/release-notes/gimp-2.3.html

And he privately suggested me to sudo a make uninstall in gimp-2.3.19.

I did it, and now gimp-2.2 works perfectly. However, I still have two

- why is building gimp-2.3.19 in /usr/local not enough for avoiding
  confusion between the two versions? I have no LD_LIBRARY_PATH defined,
  thus gimp-2.2 should search its libraries in /usr/lib;

- why is the interface to gutenprint different in gimp-2.3.19, and in my
  opinion much less comfortable?


                        Olivier Lecarme
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