Hi everyone,

I know I should ask someone else. but like Victor Domingos - I post my
question also here - maybe someone of you had the same problem.

I am using macports on mac osx 10.3 and tried to install gimp 2.4.0-rc1.

but it stopped with the following error(s):

Building gtk2 with target all
Error: Target org.macports.build returned: shell command " cd
s.org_release_ports_x11_gtk2/work/gtk+-2.10.14" && make all
CFLAGS+="-I/usr/X11R6/include" " returned error 2
Command output: gtkprintbackendcups.c:2409: error: request for member
`num_groups' in something not a structure or union

So I contacted the gimp2-maintainer an he answered:

> This problem is related not t gimp but to gtk on 10.3
> You can try gtk28 but if that fails, you should ask the gtk2 maintainer
> yves

unfortunatly I am not very fit to this things behind a programm... so:
how can I "try gtk28"?
what is the command? "sudo port install gtk28"?
should I than install gimp again?
or before uninstall something?
I am running gimp 2.2 (but installed with the dmg file not through macports.
might this be a problem?)

and is it 
"sudo port install gimp2" or "gimp" ?

I am asking because here it is the gimp2 portfile:

when you follow the path to gimp (without the 2) it's empty.

sorry for all these questions - but I really need gimp!
can anybody help me?
thank you very much in advance.

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