Maverick Merritt wrote:
> The gimp does load up the image, 
> giving warnings about the tags it does not understand, and when one 
> saves the image these tags are lost.  I have used the Gimp for various 
> (fairly simple) image processing as a user, but I have not looked at the 
> code or creating a plug-in, which I might look into doing (but, 

If the GeoTIFF format is just TIFF with some specialized tags, it should be 
just a case of enhancing the existing TIFF load/save routines instead of 
adding a new plug-in.

When the TIFF loader is reading a GeoTIFF file, the tags could be converted in 
to image parasites. When the file is re-saved, the parasites could be 
converted back to tags as the file is

The possibility of doing this will depend in part in how easy/hard it is to 
recognize a GeoTIFF file vs. an ordinary TIFF file.


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