hi everybody,

thank you for all your answers.

Actually I am looking for the window where there where a lot of infos about
a picture like:
it had 3 registers:

general: (infos about size, resolution, colors, colordepth
pointer: like the pointer-dialog (I already found) and
comments: exif infos(?)

where is this?
thank you!

but still there seems to be a problem with the info window under mac osx in
gimp 2.4 rc1. it doesn't appear together with the pipette.

Am 04.09.2007 16:50 Uhr schrieb "David Gowers" unter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> On 9/4/07, Bettina Lechner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>  thank you for your answer.
>>  but again my question. it's very important for me:
>> do you see in gimp 2.4 rc1 the entry "color info" in the menu "view"?
> No. The only entry I see that is similar at all to that, is the
> 'padding color' entry, and I am certain that isn't what you want.
>>  where
>> it has been under  version 2.2?
>>  tina
> The 'Pointer' entry under the 'dialogs' menu may be what you are
> looking for, as Saulgoode said.
> If you just want the info window to appear by default, you can enable
> the corresponding (engl. 'Use Info Window') option, and Shift should
> then turn the info window OFF when you hold it down, it would appear
> at all other times.
> I found your question confusing. If neither of the above is what you
> want, perhaps you could reword your question and I'll try to answer it
> better.
> David


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