On 9/4/07, Bettina Lechner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  thank you for your answer.
>  but again my question. it's very important for me:
> do you see in gimp 2.4 rc1 the entry "color info" in the menu "view"?
No. The only entry I see that is similar at all to that, is the
'padding color' entry, and I am certain that isn't what you want.

>  where
> it has been under  version 2.2?
>  tina

The 'Pointer' entry under the 'dialogs' menu may be what you are
looking for, as Saulgoode said.

If you just want the info window to appear by default, you can enable
the corresponding (engl. 'Use Info Window') option, and Shift should
then turn the info window OFF when you hold it down, it would appear
at all other times.

I found your question confusing. If neither of the above is what you
want, perhaps you could reword your question and I'll try to answer it

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