Quoting Milos Prudek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> How am I supposed to discover that RUN-NONINTERACTIVE is not a valid  
>  parameter
> for 'script-fu-fuzzy-border' if "run_mode" is in the parameter list in the
> Procedure Browser, and furthermore plug_in_unsharp_mask does indeed work with

It is my understanding that ALL Script-fus are run non-interactively.  
My guess (I am not sure of this) is that the Procedural DataBase  
browser lists Run Mode as a parameter because it needs to be specified  
if calling Script-fus from either another scripting language such as  
Python or from a plug-in.

Nontheless, Run Mode should not be specified when calling Script-fus  
from Script-fus.

Quoting Milos Prudek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> On Sunday 09 of September 2007 14:53:52
>> RUN-NONINTERACTIVE is not a valid parameter for 'script-fu-fuzzy-border'.
> You are right. Unfortunately when I remove RUN-NONINTERACTIVE, the script
> fails anyway, this time with this error message:
> (jpeg:14957): LibGimp-CRITICAL **: gimp_drawable_get: assertion `width > 0 &&
> height > 0 && bpp > 0' failed
> /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/jpeg: fatal error: Segmentation fault
The problem with your code is that, since the Fuzzy Border script is  
being asked to flatten the resulting image, the resulting layer does  
not have the same 'drawable' ID as before the flattening. If you do a  
second 'gimp-image-get-active layer' after flattening then you will be  
passing the proper 'drawable' ID to the save plug-in.

The 'Segmentation fault' is a bit scary; the JPEG plug-in should  
probably test whether it has been passed an invalid drawable ID.

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