Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> The problem here is that if you call a Script-Fu script from another
> Script-Fu script, then you are not doing a PDB procedure call. The
> called script is evaluated directly by the Scheme interpreter. This may
> lead to a somewhat different calling convention. I haven't looked at it
> in detail and can't tell you exactly what this means for the run-mode.

Since script-fu parses all the scripts into memory and invokes the
respective functions from there it basically means, that the function
gets invoked as defined, i.e. without the run mode parameter.

If you want to pass the run mode parameter you can use the function used
internally by script-fu:

  (gimp-proc-db-call "script-fu-sphere" RUN-INTERACTIVE 100 100 1
                     '(255 0 0) '(0 0 255))

I hope this helps,
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