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> The dialogs for Script-fus are generated and handled by the GIMP.  
> Unlike plug-ins and other scripting languages, there is nothing that a  
> Script-fu script has to do to interact with the user -- the parameters  
> are defined by the dialogs before the 'script-fu-*' function is  
> evaluated. This is why the function is considered non-interactive.

That is not quite right. The dialog is generated by the Script-Fu
extension and the extension should only show the interactive dialog when
the script is called in interactive mode.

The problem here is that if you call a Script-Fu script from another
Script-Fu script, then you are not doing a PDB procedure call. The
called script is evaluated directly by the Scheme interpreter. This may
lead to a somewhat different calling convention. I haven't looked at it
in detail and can't tell you exactly what this means for the run-mode.


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