Although I have been trying to use Gimp for quite some time to enhance
digital photographs it is only recently that I have begun to realise how
powerful a piece of software it really is. Photography has been a hobby
of mine for over 50 years but it is only in the last week or so that my
'digital darkroom' has started to flourish. This is very much due to a
video course I am following on which, in my opinion,
is a great place to start for the amateur photographer.

One of the things which has emerged is the importance of producing
photographs in RAW in order to get as much information as possible for
processing. For me, this means finding and purchasing another camera and
I wonder if anybody could suggest a good starting point for me to find
what I need. I have tried Google but have not found the sort of
information I think I need. I have just two criteria, the camera must be
light and easy to handle (a bit shaky due to age and arthritis) and
shoot in RAW. All suggestions gratefully received.


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