Johan Vromans wrote:
>> 1. Digital camera . ...
>> 2. DSLR - ...
> I'd say there's quite a lot of camera's in between.
> I'm still quite happy with my Sony DSC-V1 which has all the things a
> (semi-)professional photographer requires (even a flash mount shoe)
> without being a DSLR.
I would not agree :).  There have been a prosumer class, but now it is 
dying.  DSLRs killed it due to higher image quality and  more profits 
for a manufacture due to interchangeable lens.

Pro compacts for amateurs? Can you remember CURRENT compact cameras with 
RAW? Minolta is not in the market. There are no Sony compacts with RAW. 
I can recall Canon G9 - not so small and with awful image (12MP on a 
small sensor) from any strict POV. Nikon? No. Ricoh Caplio G100 - they 
put too much MP on a small matrix too plus it costs way too much. That 
is the whole list. Dot.

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich

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