norman wrote:
 >>  > For me, this means finding and purchasing another camera and
 >>  > I wonder if anybody could suggest a good starting point for me to 
 >>  > what I need.
 >> My rule is, if I haven't the time to research which is the best 
 >> I just buy the PC Pro recommendation. In this case, it was the Nikon
 >> D80. I'm not a gadget kinda guy, but the D80 is a beautiful thing.
 > Thank you for your suggestion I must have a look at the photo magazines.
 > Norman

Well, the reason I like PC Pro (UK, no idea if it's available elsewhere) 
is it goes "buy this", and I don't have to think. If I wanted to make a 
decision by reading the photo magazines, I'd have to understand 
everything and make proper decisions. Plus those magazines often have 
the feeling of everything's positive, so this lens is great, oh and so's 
this one, this one's fantastic, but this one will blow you away. How do 
you choose? Time's money, and sometimes I have to be efficient and or 
quick, in those situations I often delegate to PC Pro.

I think part of my relief at having the complexity taken away, 
sometimes, is I deal with complexity all day, so it's not a pleasure for 
me to delve into the specs. I imagine if you have a job that doesn't tax 
your head too much and are a hobby photographer, then delving into the 
specs would be a pleasure.

Anyway, PC Pro's current recommendations are:

Digital SLR:
Sony DSLR-A100 or Nikon D80 in second place

Digital Compact:
Canon Digital Ixus 900 Ti or Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W35

Must admit, I bought their compact recommendation of the time a few 
months ago, the Canon Digital Ixus 65 and was disappointed. I think the 
exposure washes out colours, there's a dark patch on the screen. Not 
sure there's a RAW format mode anyway on that.

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