On Tuesday 18 September 2007, adam hyde wrote:
> hi
> I just wrote a doc on saving images for the web using gimp. I was
> wondering if anyone could read it and send me feedback?
> http://en.flossmanuals.net/bin/view/Gimp/OptimisingImagesForWeb
> adam

And one more thing about saving to jpg. Actually you can see the quality of 
picture before saving. Just tick "Show preview in image window" and you can 
change quality in real-time mode. And you can see the size changeind 
dynamically too. This is very good feature in Gimp. It is better to set the 
worst picture's quality and gradually increase it, while watching canges in 
preview window. It is clearly seen, when quality of picture stops getting 
better at some point. You're done then - click save. It depends on picture's 
nature. Sometimes you can save big pictures, while setting quality as low as 
40. And one more trick - in Advanced options unmark create prieview image. It 
does nothing good while being on web, just taking precious place and 
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