Raphael Quinet wrote
_" I do not
want to say too much about that because I do not want to give too many
ideas to the crooks, but let's say that the way some things are split
or ordered in the JPEG file is usually different between digital
cameras and image editing software."_

Well i too don't want give ideas to crooks, but i want say that there is no way 
to demonstrate that a imagine is faked,

You can only demonstrate that is a fake if some mistake were done, if not, 
simply there is no way,

 at soon one new detection mode is discovered, is discovered also how to fake 

And i don't think to suggest nothing no already crystal clear noting that just 
a additional passage from the hard disk to a very good good print, and from a 
good print  again to a camera (with some tiny defect in the focus bypass most 
of the more smart detection measures.

Alchemie Foto\grafiche

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