This is getting off the topic of the Gimp, but you've piqued my
interest.  I just took a digital photo and modified it very slightly
with the Gimp, and used exiftool to print out the exif data for the
original and the modification, and diff'd the two exif outputs.  The
only things I saw that might have made a difference were fields called
"Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling" and "JFIF Version".  I don't know what these are,
but neither one screamed Gimp!, at least to me.  Is there an exif field
I am missing?  Is there another tool for looking at all this data?

> We can even play a little game if you want: give me the URL of some JPEG
> image that claims to come directly from a digital camera.  I bet that I
> can tell you immediately if it was modified by some other program.  And
> with a bit of luck, I could even tell you which program has modified it
> even if the EXIF metadata is not included in the file or has been
> modified.  Note that the removal of the EXIF block is already a hint
> that the image has been modified, since almost all digital cameras
> include EXIF blocks in all their images.
> If you have the latest GIMP from SVN (soon to be 2.4-rc3), you can also
> try to run the small test program in plug-ins/jpeg/jpegqual and it may
> tell you some things that you did not expect about some of your JPEG
> files.  Note that this tool is still under development, but you can
> already do some interesting things with it.
> -Raphaël
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