When I go to crop something, Gimp crops it very nicely but, unlike, PS, the
image is then impossible to do anything else with as I now have a floating
layer.  My instinctive response was to flatten and save but flatten was
greyed out.  Then I discovered this anchoring layer command and that has
solved a lot of problems.  Anchor, then flatten, then save is pretty good.
This also seems to come into play when I cut and paste.  The frustrating
thing there is that I seem to be able to cut, paste and move once but they
flatten into one image after I do that.  I suspect I need to do something
every time I do a paste that converts the paste into its own layer.  PS does
this automatically.  So far this floating selection and the vagaries of
cut-past and then move have been my major pitfalls but I think this is
merely because they don't work like PS does when doing these tasks.  I also
can't use the text tool but that is because I need to do some reading about
it and, again, it works very differently from PS's use of text tool.  That
something works differently from PS doesn't mean it is either better or
worse than PS.  It is just different and that means there is a learning
curve on it.  I would rather there be no learning curve but realistically
that is not how software programs work.

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