* gimp_user <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [10-02-07 13:47]:
 Much unnecessary quote removed.....
> One thing I forgot to mention is that if you are simply trying to edit an 
> image for your own use and can revisit the original then the absense of 
> non-destrucitve editing features may not be a handicap. The point is to know 
> what you can and cannot do with each and every toolset and when a tool is 
> appropriate to your needs and when it is not.

You keep getting back to this "non-destructive editing".  WHO can edit
an image for what-ever purpose and not retain the original?  HOW can
you edit <anything> and not have a copy of <anything> to begin with?

You have confirmed your statis as NOISE and nothing else.

IF you choose to to respond, do so to the LIST.  A personal response
is unwanted/unrequired/unnecessary/spam.

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