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> If you regard my contributions as noise then please do not waste you time 
> reading them unless you are trolling to start a flame war. If so you will
> not be successful here because I will follow a policy I have followed 
> over 30 years on mail lists -- keep on topic and, apart from making a 
> polite qrequest to keep on topic,  ignore trolling provocations designed 
> to take threads off topic by making personal comments.  

Then what do you do if the topic you keep on to can be regarded as 
a trolling provocation?

I'm not sure if many do still follow this thread. If you want to get back on 
track, you should probably provide a short summary, for example:

- who is your intended target audience
- what are you trying to tell them
- what do you expect from them

Also, it would be interesting to know if you are aware of the future plans for 

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